附Dropmysite的邮件:Dropmysite is switching to 30-day 10GB trial

Dear User,

Thank you again for signing up with Dropmysite, the most comprehensive website & database back up solution in the cloud.

We trust that you have enjoyed our basic package in providing you a peace of mind in backing your data. To improve your data security, we will give you a free 30-day 10GB trial to ensure you experience the improved benefits of Dropmysite.

Starting today, you will have 1 month of:

Incremental backups (more data back up with less storage)

Public key authentication (enhanced security)

Full directory browser (advanced search – even down to the file level)

On demand backups (immediate backups and restorations)

PostgreSQL support for databases

With Dropmysite, you will never lose data again. Based on your usage after 1 month, you can choose a PRO plan that fits your needs.

If you would like to stop keeping your data safe with us anymore, we understand. Please note that you will have the same 30 days to download your existing files, as they are scheduled for deletion.

If you have any feedback or questions on the services we offer, email us at support@dropmyemail.com


The Dropmyemail Team

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